Wrx manufacture torpedo 2016










In February 2003, F. Huyghe and his Team buddy A. Sidali snatched from the Strait of Gilbraltar evidence of the existence of the Spanish submarine C3 sunk in 1936. Deemed to have disappeared forever, the vessel was lying on the bottom by 75 meters Of depth revealing the outrages of time on its hull bruised and rusted. Inside, the remains of former fights and tubes launches torpedoes still full ...


The Manufactured « Torpedo » timepiece is the perfect wink to the history. A great work of CAD and design allowed us to design this model of prestige, only with a photo... We have captured the desires of Ralf Tech's, with total respect for the soul of the legend, to make an exceptional watch piece.

On the black matt background where the door of the torpedo lance is fixed firmly, one observes the needle decentered of the seconds, equated to the reproduction of a counter of pressure, facing the miniaturization of a handle of control panel. At sunrise and sunset, the radiators sublimate the passage of time. The needles in the form of missiles, denoting by their color, guides the eye through the hours.